Saturday, December 27, 2008

Our Christmas Story

Our Christmas was supposed to be a low key one. We had set a rule way back in October that each Adult would buy only one gift for each of the other adults. Alex was free rein though, but not too crazy. Well none of us really stuck to the one gift rule. And we were all totally spoiled. I have to admit that I think I was the most!

Casey gave me a new camera! A Nikon D60 DSLR!! Woo HOO!! I am still learning all it's bells and whistles and the limits and capabilities of the lens, but all ready I can tell that it is an amazing camera. As for my Canon, that baby will still by my sidekick too! It's Macro and super zoom capabilities are great, and my current lens don't do either. So be expecting lots of shots!

Alex will NOT shoot his eye out. Promise. Casey has been showing him how to hold and aim his new Daisy Red Rider BB gun. We still need to get safety glasses ( how could we forget!) so he has been practicing his position.

Can you tell what sort of Christmas Alex had? Those Lego sets are all most all built too! He can build a 700+ set in about an hour and a half. Our little engineer always make adjustments to the original design too.
Right now, Casey is downstairs enjoying the boxed set of Robotech DVD's that Alex got him. Alex is in the tub since he has a bit of a cold and his attitude is crabby. And I am finishing up so I can cheer up my Bugman.
Merry Christmas Everyone!


lisa 1:29 PM  

oooooh nice! Camera envy!

gina 10:00 PM  

so jealous of the new camera!!! i was jealous of the old camera too! haha, i can't wait to see all the shots you post with this new one. nice job casey!!

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