Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Zoo, Hooters, and Older

We made our annual Christmas Eve Eve trip to the zoo again this year,followed by lunch at Hooter. My dad joined us this time, which gave him a chance to play with his camera and my mom a chance to finish her Christmas stuff. Yesterday it was cold cold and cold, plus wet and drizzly most of the day. And the zoo was empty of all but a few people, which was perfect.

Feather on the Lake with reflection.

Honeysuckle dewy.

Slippery Rhino. He was afraid of falling on the ice slick at the end of his enclosure, but it was just to much fun to resist sliding on.

Alex, a preview of his teenage years.
Hawk Armor.

Green face.

Photog Dad.

Civet Interest.

Casey Love. I snapped this as my first shot of the day. He was busy trying to snap my Dad and I snapping the Sun bears, but I got him first!


gina 1:37 AM  

as always, amazing photos. :o)


lis 1:44 AM  

cute traditions. Love to you guys...

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