Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Yes, I am complaining

My tired with smudges of the days eyeliner Eye.

Sporting a headache right behind it.

  • I have had a headache for three days, nothing is making it go away.
  • My hair hurts, maybe it is the two feet of it, maybe it is the headache.
  • My skin is really dry, and starting to look like my Mother's. How did that happen?
  • There is a rouge fly in the house and I can't kill him.
  • I'd like a bacon sandwich, but we ate the last of the bacon on Monday. Damn.
  • I'd like more sleep. No Alarm clocks please.
  • I'd like to avoid the cold that I think is crashing down on my head. Go away, please.


Screaming Iguana 5:19 PM  

I use the crack myself. The crack keeps the illness away and keeps me nice and thin.

MMM thin

Negin 6:53 PM  

Aww you werent having a good day were you?? Sending lots of lovin even though I feel super crappy today. Damn the colitis for being evil on me today! XOXO and lots of huggles from me to you!

lisa 7:51 PM  

oh no! No more feeling crappy! You need to be pampered, given tea and massages and rest. =(

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