Friday, November 07, 2008

What I really need...

I have finally pinpointed what has been bugging me... I miss my friends. More specifically, I miss great fun friend times when it is cold outside. This picture helped me to my realization, it's a snap of leftover pub pints at the tube station in London when Casey was there earlier this year. But he wasn't there alone, he was there with our friends Tom and Tracey, who we had been with in Cancun. They were crazy and silly and buzzed off major amounts of StrongBow. They were alerting the local Bobbies with their hoodies and they were having fun.
I need some fun.
I need a night out with hubby and friends, preferably while it is cold, so we can sit on the patio bundled up drinking something and having fun. I need to push aside all the "Ugh" thoughts that I have been having, and have some silly thoughts instead.
Like our crazy times with our Irish/Canadian friends. I miss them, both the friends and times.


Screaming Iguana 8:28 PM  

U can haz Cheezburger!

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