Thursday, November 13, 2008

I am blaming the time change, a fly and bacon

Ever since the time changed and the daylight started fleeing earlier, I have been finding myself in a coma like state on the couch at 6:30pm. 6 FREAKING 30 PM!!!

Tonight, I was ready, completely ready for bed at 7pm, and then I remember we still had to eat dinner. Way to go for the mom of the day award. I can only say in my defense that we had some cereal at 5pm because the box of Just Bunches was such a temptation. And Rightly so, Just Bunches is uber yummy and uber filling. So, right, dinner and Daddy night call, and I was ready to go to bed.


And then somehow time warped fast after Alex's tuck in at 8pm and I discovered it was 8:35pm. What?!

Which brings me to my I am Not Really Sick Symptoms.

  • Headache, still
  • I feel hot, like I have a wind burn.
  • I am TIRED.
  • Odd aches, like my left shoulder. I feel like I slept curled up under a rock.
  • Fly still in the house, bastard is not dead yet.
  • The much needed bacon has been purchased, but not yet used. *grumble*

I had a small Come to the Over the Counter Med talk with Casey and as of right now... I am going to bed. Bliss.


lisa 2:49 PM  

hope you're feeling better!

..and if not, drop me some more crazy sick-nic logic jokes! =)

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