Sunday, November 16, 2008

These days.

Casey giving our army of dogs yummy treats. They know who has the goodies.

Casey's travel plans are a bit different this week, so we get to have a whole Sunday with Mister Man.

He is currently snuggled up warm and toasty in our bed, catching up on sleep. He slept a lot yesterday as well, which I don't mind because he held my hand even while sleeping as I watched cheesy family shows on TLC and got all weepy.

And he even held my hand some more last night as we watched Austin city Limits with Iron & Wine, and he agreed. There is passion and depth to that music that I have been falling hard for.

And then we watched Robot Chicken and laughed and giggled.

And then he synchronized his light to turn on when I turned mine off and we gave me the most mischievous grin ever.

And then I fell asleep to the sounds of Casey rumbling around our house and I felt safe and happy and loved.

I love these days.


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