Monday, November 17, 2008

Beware there be snakes, tigers, and lions ahead.

Alex and Charlie the Cougar.

Snake Charmer.

Chillaxing with the Crocodiles.

Species, Human Males. Actions, Normal

Ms. Cheetah was nervous and worried.

Albino Rattler. All the snakes were very active, it was close to feeding time.

Mrs. Tiger was very hungry and grumpy.

Double Horns, I love this picture.

What?! Where you here last year?

Please don't wake me, unless you have food.

One of the few flowers left at the Zoo.


lisa 9:22 PM  

wow! Don't know why I thought these pictures were fake! lol maybe it was knowing that you have the stuffed animal place in TX too! great photos!

And Allie is TOTALLY stylin. hottie!

gina 10:24 PM  

amazing photos, nicole!!!!

Screaming Iguana 2:14 PM  

Wow Dude,

Those turned out really well.

I will have to remember to give you a little more slack next time.

You have done well my young Jedi

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