Sunday, December 23, 2007

Too the Zoo of course

I woke this morning after having a dream about a huge Komodo dragon in my back yard. I was telling Casey and Alex about it during our morning snuggle which made me suggest the Zoo today so I could see my dream dragon in the flesh.

Christmas Eve's Eve is the perfect time to go to our Zoo, it is not busy, it is chilly enough that the animals are out to sun themselves instead of hiding from the broiling sun, and we were just in time for breakfast.

Mr. Grisly was finishing up his breakfast and posing for morning shots.

My Dream dragon in the flesh and about two feet too short.

Monkey Butts and My Mister Boy

Baby and Momma

Getting so big! Can't really call him a Baby anymore...

Wart Hogs remind us of Twain

This lovely lady came over to tell us about her swallowing troubles.

I was able to get this guy to dance with him and then give a little hoot!

My Pride and Joys
And of course you must finish up a Zoo day at Hooter's with fried pickles, wings and fries.


Lisa 2:09 AM  

Alex with the butterfly wings...that is too too much. *in love*

Negs 10:47 AM  

awesome pics. i love the zoo. my favorite of course was alex and the monkey butts!

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