Friday, December 21, 2007

Oh Fudge!

Yesterday when I stopped by Alex's class I was immediately ushered outside by his teacher with a very firm, I have to talk to you! speech. Apparently Alex's holiday shirt caused a bit of a problem.

You see we bought Alex a Christmas Story shirt, specifically one were Ralph is sitting there with a bar of soap in his mouth, right after the "fudge" incident. Well all the kids at Alex's table where wondering why he had soap in his mouth. Alex of course had to explain that he said the F word.

What word??

The F word.

This exchange ended when one little girl wrote the F word on her math test and whispered it to the rest of the group as an explanation. Well the F word spread like wildfire around the classroom before finally reaching his teachers ears.

I should also add that his teacher when she pushed me outside burst out laughing all most to the point of tears before she explain the trouble they had that day.

Luckily she took it all in stride, luckily she liked the shirt, and happily enough the little girl spelled the F word correctly!

Oooooooooo FFFUUUUDDDDGGGEEEE... the mother of all curse words...


gina 12:26 AM  

hahahahahahahaahhahahahaha.........sorry, but that is awesome!

you'll shoot you're eye out!! hehhehe!

Merry Christmas Boyles! xoxo

Lisa 6:43 PM  

That is pretty textbook right there! Sounds like everything was handled appropriately. This makes me rethink my love of upper's much cuter when little ones say it...

And kudos to the girl for spelling it right! Too many times i have confiscated notes such as "---- is dum" At least spell it right!

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