Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Call me Crazy cause I was and am

So I had this wild crazy idea last week to have all the boys from our Cub Scout den over for a Christmas party/meeting. We would do activities that would knock out some achievements as well as keep them busy and make holiday gifts at the same time.

And then I thought, Well this could give parents prime time to go shopping without the kids and if they have siblings that need to come bring them too! (Uh-Oh)

And then I thought, hmmmm I better have some help with this,and luckily my friend Misty said sure. ( Thank God for Misty)

And tonight we wrangled 23 BOYS all the under the age of 9 for 2 hours. We make cookie gift jars, painted sugar cookies, had hot chocolate, had holiday balloon wars and watched Santa Claus 3. ( I love the TV as a babysitter sometimes)

And bless them to high heaven, two moms stayed after and cleaned my kitchen for me. Because seriously it was a mess. I had three big messes tonight, all of my doing.

  1. I dropped the candy tray full of 6 bags of candies from the top the fridge.
  2. I dropped the bowl full of two melted sticks of butter on the kitchen floor 5 minutes before people where due to arrive.
  3. I didn't think, again, and put the lid on the HUGE pot of Hot Chocolate I made and it overflowed, looking just like a pot of barfing poop.

And after each mess, or while it was still messing, I would stand there and tell myself to slow down, I would take a deep breath, and then I would clean it up.

So in a nutshell here is my night:

  • 23 little boys
  • 1 fabulous helper
  • 16 holiday balloons
  • 23 cookie gift jars
  • 6 dozen painted sugar cookies
  • 3 mega messes
  • 2 gifts under the tree as thanks
  • 2 friends cleaning up with me
  • ZERO stains on the carpets or couches
  • one pair of tired feet.

Time for bed! And did mention the phone call I got from the school nurse, second one in less then a week. Alex got stung by a bee on his temple. *sigh* I am SO glad that we don't have any pictures that need taking any time soon. And I am SO glad that he is not allergic to bees.


Lisa 2:00 AM  

awwwww Nicole, you earned your wings tonight!

You had a classroom of kids on holiday crack!

I especially liked the pot of barfing poop...and poor Alex's luck.


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