Saturday, August 23, 2008

How is it...

Dear Alex:

How is it that you are so grown up all ready? How is it that you have a thoughtful, insightful, and more often than not hilarious answer to most questions? It is because you are you, growing into a fabulous boy. With a sharp wit and even sharper tongue.

It feels like just days ago that you were so small. You were in that adorable middle stage between toddler and little boy. You had a rounded face of baby chub and the high pitched voice of youth. Now, you are leaner, there are angles where there was curves before. Your voice now holds so much depth and inflection. You are growing up.

Not long ago we were always holding your hand, keeping you close to our sides. Afraid for you and the outside world. Your Daddy and I are incredibly protective, so much so, that we noticed it was holding you back some as you got older. So we have been letting go, letting you stand apart on your own. And we love the strong boy you are, you know all the right things, and use your brain. A lesson that we are delighted to see take root.
Even though you are growing up, standing apart, and free thinking, I still love that you come back to us. To our safe harbor of home, love and more than enough tickle fests.

We love you Alex, and are so proud of you as you go into your third grade year. Even if that means I can't hold your hand in the hall anymore. More so because you still seek me out at night to snuggle before bed. Always our bugman.

Love Always and Forever,
Mommy & Daddy


lisa 3:15 PM  

Ah, Nicole. My eyes are all filled-up. looking at the pictures and getting insight into your thoughts. Was it hard to decide to step back a little from having him protected all the time? Kudos to you two for both your awareness of the situation, and your decision to...I don't even let him try things.

You have such a wonderful boy. I can't say that from mom experience, but I have aunt experience and experience working with hundreds of little kiddos! i love alex. =)

Screaming Iguana 8:26 AM  

My Kid is Dope

gina 11:40 AM  

that was so sweet, nicole. you seem to have a wonderful boy - your posts and pictures speak loudly. you and casey are very lucky parents.

on a completely different note - you and casey were in my dream last night! random!

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