Tuesday, August 26, 2008

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Tagged to state 10 random things about me by Karelle.

  1. I love Vanilla Bean paste, seriously best thing you can buy to make your baking taste better.
  2. I love to weed whack, so much so that I use to beg to use Casey's weed whacker/edger, so he bought me my own. Love that damn thing.

  3. I have a slight obsession with weather, especially when a big storm like Gustav is coming.
  4. With school starting back up, Alex and I have had been having homework time each day, including extra work that I am giving him to bring his handwriting and spelling skills up to snuff. Today's homework time is LONG, and I seriously wonder how families that don't get home till 6pm manage all this work.
  5. I love fall/winter cooking. Few things are as great as comfort foods on a cold night.
  6. I need a pedicure, I am still showing the chipped nail polish from Cancun. Not pretty.
  7. Miso soup, oh yea Gods, is so yummy to me.
  8. I once snuck out of the house with a friend to go to some guys house and we played quarters, and then she got guilty and confessed to her pastor at church the next day and we had to stand on stage and confess and tell our parents. It sucked.
  9. I love the smell from my hands after working in my garden. Lovely greeny smell.
  10. I hate shaving my legs and will stretch it for as long as I can.


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