Sunday, August 31, 2008

Getting things done...

Casey is home for two weeks straight, which means we have lots of time to get things done that have been waiting and waiting or I just avoided them.

Like Mowing the lawns, it was slightly tall.

Yes my legs are this white, even with a trip to Cancun.
Or gardening and plucking any stray weeds. This is our pumpkin and water melon bed from about three weeks ago, I swear that it is now about triple this full. With Pumpkins too!

Or puppy playing, well we always have time for that. BUT we did get the garage power washed yesterday. I all most love the power washer as much as I do my weed whacker.

And we were able to get the garage power washed because WE FIXED THE JAG!!! This is huge for us folks. Goldie will be sporting her Texas plates next week, and we can resume weekend luxury driving. Nice nice nice.


lis 12:15 AM  

girlie, my legs are that white too, this year...!

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