Saturday, August 30, 2008

An Upgrade

We upgraded our mixers, oh Lordy is this new baby awesomeness.

She is stronger, faster, bigger, and better. The difference between the personal mixer and the professional are huge, and I had no inkling of how much I "needed" to make the switch. I started to noticed that my little blue baby would work really hard when kneading dough, pretty much burning up her motor. And sense I make bread for our family ALOT, it was something that was happening weekly and I was afraid she was going to blow up. Now I can happily mix dough for 6 loaves at once, or 9 dozen cookies, or enough icing for an elephant, the massive possibilities are endless.

Love me some KitchenAid.


lisa 2:25 PM  

WOW! 9 dozen cookies....I'm into that.

Lu 8:01 PM  

How cool!

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