Thursday, September 04, 2008

Garden Babies

I spent the morning in our garden, it was cool and clear outside and I happily watered, weeded, rearranged wayward vines and counted Garden Babies. This is truly giving a "face" to our food.
Pumpkin Blossoms, we have so many, hopefully in time for Halloween, surely for Thanksgiving pies.
Flower Full, a squash blossom.
A Tom Baby, our Roma's are doing wonderful. I expect to have a huge haul in the next couple months. Time for canning.
Watermelon Baby, we decided to experiment and see how far out we could grow watermelons in Texas. Seven blossoms so far for Sugar babies.
Bell Pepper Babies, potted when I ran out of box space.


lisa 8:30 PM  

Nicole, these are so beautiful! I can't wait to have a garden someday...I hope!

Debbie 9:10 AM  

Beautiful. You should see mine. It's nothing that a good dose of gasoline and a match couldn't correct.

Lylah 9:56 PM  

i love your garden and i love your heart and you blessed me with your email today. thank you! lylah

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