Monday, July 07, 2008

Two of the few

A picture post will have to wait a wee bit because I had off loaded all the images from our cameras to Casey laptop each night, and forgot to transfer them over before he left for a business trip. Oopps.
But I do have these two shots.

This is a sand sculpture that we watched a German family make while we lounged at the beach for the whole day. It is about 5 by 5 feet big. The ocean in the background is usually much much brighter, but we had a heavy storm blowing through. You can also see the sandbags that they are using to rebuild the beaches. They are huge, hard, and very slippery when in the water.

Casey and I at dinner. We both have our tans/burns in high gear, had a couple of margaritas and where starting off a four course Mayan dinner. It was fabulous! It started off with a shot of cinnamon tequila. Next I had the Chicken tamitilos and Casey had the Pastor burritos. Then it was green chili verde pasta for both of us, adobo steak and veggies, and finally Wild Chocolate cake. Yummy. We had dinner with 20 of the people from our business group.

It was amazing how well we all gelled together. There was 8 of us who spent pretty much all day everyday together. On the way home Casey and I realized that we actually only had dinner alone once out of the entire trip. Pretty amazing! Everyone that we were with on this trip was so much fun and we had a great time getting to know each other, especially playing " The First time I ever..." the night before we left.

And I just have to say that we went through four huge bottles of sunscreen, half a gallon of Aloe, and I was so thankful that I had the foresight to buy waterproof mascara. *grin*


lisa 9:24 PM  

Cinnamon tequila.I am so interested to hear about the cuisine. I am so glad you finally got to go on such a vacation! I have never been anywhere tropical--wow those waters!

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