Monday, July 07, 2008

A quick vacation list

We are home safe and sound, just to get it out there before we forget here is a quick Cancun list.

  • A real thatched roof in our cabana.
  • snorkeling and reef diving the 2nd largest reef in the world
  • Tulum, so amazing and SO hot.
  • para sailing, bliss!!
  • hours on the beach, I actually got a tan!
  • on the beach lobster dinner, so romantic even with 7 of us.
  • business meetings, so I had time to unpack and read.
  • AC was painful so I quickly adapted to the heat.
  • crystal clear Caribbean waters.
  • XCaret, AMAZING under ground river tours. Floated in caves for an hour.
  • beautiful resorts
  • beautiful ruins and temples
  • sarongs are my favorite thing to wear.
  • Casey singing the Indy theme on the jet ski.
  • playing Marco polo with the Greggor clan, we missed Alex so much at that point.
  • nutria and iguanas and spider monkeys everwhere.
  • friendly people, amazing pottery.
  • falling in the cool tub with Kelly and Keith, some how not spilling our drinks.
  • it is possible to get kicked out of the ocean, the pool and a bar all in one night.

More to come later with lots of pictures... now it is time for laundry, groceries, emails, puppy love, Alex super snuggles, and maybe a nap.


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