Monday, July 07, 2008

The Simple Women DayBook

I have decided to start partcipating in Peggy's Simple Women Daybook posts. You can join in too or read what others are up to right here! It is a great reminder of our daily lives and the small things that I try to remember.

For Monday July 7 2008...

Outside My Window... Is a much needed rainstorm. It is fabulous to finally have some rain, the trickeling sounds from the windows are great.

I am thinking... that I have alot to accomplish this week, so I best make a list!

I am thankful for... my hard working husband. He left just days after our return from vacation. A vacation that was gifted to us due to his talent and hard work. Thank you Casey!

From the kitchen... Black bean burgers and guacamole, I guess I brought a taste for mexico home with me.

I am wearing... Jean shorts and a tank, all slightly damp from our mad dash through the rain with our Costco supplies.

I am creating... A massive to-do list, and must admit to a strong hankering for scrapbooking. Plus I have Christmas presents that are in the works and I would like to finish so that I am way ahead of the game.

I am going... nowhere for the rest of today. Only up and down our stairs.

I am reading... World War Z. I put it down so I wouldn't read any accounts of zombies in Mexico while I was IN Mexico.

I am hoping... for a busy fruitful week. So much I would like to do. Nothing like being away from your home for a week that makes you want to "make more home".

I am hearing... Alex make X-Wing sounds. That kid loves his Lego's and the challenges of making Star Wars lego figures. Apparently he watched all three original SW's at my parents house every day last week. I believe it.

Around the house... is laundry piles, (how did I get so much so dirty when all I wore last week was my bathing suits and sarong), suitcases, and various other things that have proper homes but haven't found them yet.

One of my favorite things... is the luminare that Casey and I made for Alex. Picture to come soon.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week:
Cleaning, Laundry, some work days, some play days, and time in the garden!

Here is picture thought I am sharing...

The Tulum ruins, the Mayan Fortress was amazing, huge, and filled with Iguanas. And HOT, really really HOT, like I have never been that HOT in my life. Ever.


Anonymous 7:20 PM  

hey there, I enjoyed reading your list :-)


gina 9:26 PM  

what a cute idea!

P.S. welcome home! that picture is gorgeous!! i can't wait to see more! :o)

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