Thursday, July 24, 2008

This post was brought to you by the what the duece corp.

I swear the universe is telling me something.

We ( really meaning Casey) just dropped a lot on the BMW. I got it back yesterday and on the way home discovered that the driver's side seat won't move back. The stickler on this one is that it is a motorized seat and there is no manual bypass. So I drove home two inches closer to everything that I normally do. Not bad, but uncomfortable. I can handle this till my dad and I get in there and tinker. No biggie.

Then today, the day that DOLLY dumps her tropical storm on us, I am driving home from work, ready to get to bugman and get home since there was four tornado's today. And what happens??? My damn driver's side windshield wipe breaks off and is barely hanging on by the metal army thingy. So I pull into the nearest gas station in the pouring rain and spend 10 minutes up against a wet care figuring out how it goes back on, only to discover a key locking bit has broken off. So I jerry-rig it and head home. Two exits before I get off the freeway, it breaks again, but this time I have to deal with the rain and road spray because I am not going to lose that damn wiper to the freeway. I finally get safely off at my exit and stop at yet another gas station to "fix" it.

I am sure that there are plenty of people in my life who can tell me what the universe is obviously screaming in my direction. Maybe that I need to slow down, or get a clearer picture of where I am going, or maybe it is to plan ahead, or be better prepared. But I do believe that my interpretation is the only one that counts.

I think that the universe is telling me to shrink two inches and drive on only sunny days.

Damn it.


lisa 7:09 PM  

I am sure the universe is not saying anything about the wear and tear on german engineering. =( Poor thing. BE SAFE, and I hope you don't have to drive as close to the steering wheel as MY MOM for much longer!

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