Friday, July 25, 2008

Cookies and Cabinets

Yesterday was a day full of scratch cooking. I made these amazing chocolate chip cookies using the recipe from the latest Cook's Illustrated Magazine, which is fabulous by the way. I also made potato salad, meatballs, and marinara sauce. Dinner was great.
While puttering about yesterday I found myself over and over again at my favorite kitchen cabinet. It is full of some of my favorite kitchen things, dishes, cookbooks, straws, vases, and napkins. It is pretty and functional at the same time. Love it.
Take a look at who is sleeping off last nights slumber party. He didn't sleep till 6 am! No wonder he is sacked out.


lisa 10:32 PM  

Take a look at those precious eyelids. Right? So kissable.

hey, I *am* an aunt and to me he's still a bebe. sort of a bebe. =)

gina 8:19 PM  

those cookies....YUM!!!

Lu 3:33 PM  

those cookies look great!!! i want some!

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