Monday, July 28, 2008

Monday DayBook

For Today...Alex has been taken to Daycamp so he can swim and play. I might try to squeeze in Dark Knight solo.

I am thinking...that I need a pick me up

I am thankful hardworking husband, our home, our stocked pantry and fridge, our smarty pants kiddo.

From the monkey bread. yum.

I am creating...a new reworked budget, loving the new style and setup. Need to crunch numbers today.

I am wearing...jean skirt, green hippie top and a ponytail.

I am reading...still plowing through the Omnivores Dilemma

I am hoping...for good conversation, with open ears and hearts.

I am hearing...the humming of my fan and the occasional tinkling of wind chimes.

Around the pretty clean, so its time to start some deep cleaning this week!

One of my favorite slowly waking up with the sun.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week...deep cleaning in the house, most likely a donation trip, a trip to the library and grocery and maybe a swim day or two at the pool.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you...

Betty has been doing a lot of this and for a dog that sleeps 80% of the day it is slightly alarming. I have a feeling that we need to squeeze in as much love as possible into her days.

If you want to join in then go check out Peggy's blog! She would love to have you.


DeNiece Barnes 10:12 AM  

Thanks for visiting my blog Nicole, you too have an inspirational blog, I also love waking up to the sun slowly, thanking God for such a wonderful and blessed day that he has made. Please stop by again soon. Be Blessed

AllyJo 10:23 AM  

Such a sweet entry. I think I'm going to cry with you over your dog. It's rips your heart out to watch your dog age. We're doing that now with one of ours and she's been so bitter lately. Where did we go wrong?

Enjoy your time to yourself.

Blessings and favor...

Kindest regards,

+JMJ+ 10:41 AM  

Sad about your doggie too...

But it was nice to visit your blog, I felt like I got to visit Mexico as well! Thanks!

I love the serenity of your cabinets, they are really lovely as is your sleeping boy!

You have a blog that really gives a sense of who you are and I love visiting blogs with a very distinctive "voice". Great job.

marye 11:26 AM is so hard when pets get old... :/

Dawn 5:47 PM  

Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your support. I used
They offer free backgrounds templates for your blog and instruct you how to insert them; really easy to do.

I hope you get more time with your dog then you think.

lisa 10:50 PM  

I looked on that site and got totally confused on how to join or do it (on lj).

any cliffnotes? I know that sounds dumb.

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