Wednesday, July 23, 2008

HuMp DaY!

Finally a Wednesday that I have off. I really like Wednesday, they shout out that the weekend is closer and they are usually easy going but full. Love that combination.

This week's hump day is great so far, we both woke up slowly and snugly. The dogs behaved themselves during the night ( no messes) and all five are now enjoying the cool windy air outside. Dolly is hitting the coast so we are set up for days of bad rainy weather. The laundry is sloshing with more ready to start the process. The kitchen is clean and waiting for some bread making or soup simmering. My buddy the Dyson is prepped for Betty hair removal, it is incredible the amount of fur that dog sheds. And finally my to-do list is all about home stuff. No errands for me except a trip to pick up the car from the garage. Hooray!

Even this shot of a mess won't bring me down, not on a Wednesday. If it was a Tuesday I might have said, "How the hell did this happen??" But its a Wednesday so I say, "Woo Hoo more laundry and books to stack and sort. Oooh my Kate Spade I had wondered where I had tucked you."

See Wednesday are good, they are my Kate Spade-ing finding days.


lisa 10:24 PM  

teeheehee! Your Spade re-discovery cracked me up!

Thanks for giving me a fresh positive perspective on Wednesday.

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