Monday, July 21, 2008

I appreciate...

It has been a week of Casey days in our home. Casey travels alot, alot is not an exaggeration, so when he has a week at home it truly is special. We just had 11 days of Casey. 11 days to spend with our Mister Man.

In that time frame Casey slept in, but had breakfast every morning with us.

He also did hours of work on the yards, but spent hours converting Alex's old slip'n slide into a Mega water slide for his playset. He then fixed up the playbox so it was safe for Alex, by filling in the random holes with more pea gravel.

He also cleared all of his laundry baskets that were full of random clothes that needed drycleaning or were donations. Now his side of the bed looks great, mine not so much.

He flagged down the ice cream truck for special evening treats.

He ate three serving of my cinnamon rolls in one day, because they were good.

He stocked our freezer full of fresh meats and grilled the best flank steak ever.

He made fajitas last night, even dicing up the onions and bell peppers.

He gave our pups love all day long, always stopping for a snuggle and ear rub. Our pups worship him, and he always is up for pup playtime.

He played dozens of games of Lego Starwars. Dozens!!

He read Alex's devotional and story books every night. Complete with voices and tickles.

He watched trashy celebreality with me. Even late night Big Brother.

He works very hard to provide for his family. Never complaining about the trips, never complaining about the work. Always diligent in his business and time away from us.

I appreciate Cassey and all he does.

I also love pictures like these...


screamingiguana 6:33 PM  

Hey Thats me...

Thanks for the Tribute...

Your an Excellent Ugugalizer..

aunt lisa 7:28 PM  

awww sweet casey

sounds like a busy yet relaxing yet productive yet love-filled week off at home.

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