Wednesday, April 09, 2008

We have a doped dog folks!

I spent the early part of the evening at the Emergency Vet with Betty. Sweet Betty was not her usual self. She wouldn't eat, she wouldn't come downstairs, she wouldn't put weight on her back leg, and she yelped when touched. Our warning flags went up as soon as we cataloged all these issues because she had her vaccine boosters yesterday, and alot of those signs are signs of an allergic reaction to the shots.
So off Betty and I went to the emergency vet, while my mom stayed at home with Alex. Turns out we were the first patients of the night and our vet was super nice and very gentle with our old girl. Some how Betty dislocated her right back leg and then popped it back in, but with some muscle or tissue pinched between the socket and joint. Her groin muscle was as big as my fist and so tight.
An hour later she is doped up and probably seeing purple Elephants float past her bed, she is drooling like it is in Style, and Alex was incredibly happy to see our Betty again. I think he thought she wouldn't be coming back through the door tonight. But she did and now has a week's worth of meds to get through. Here's hoping that the chicken bits I am going to hide her meds in stay down tomorrow!

PS: I am really really glad that she is okay and came home tonight. The emergency vet was the same one Casey took Twain too, and they remembered them.

PPS: One great thing about my mom being at the house tonight was she CLEANED! I think she even tackled our microwave. Yippy!

PPPS: She also brought these, but you only get to see a teaser until I can get a good shot.


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