Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Klutz Curse, I was hexed!

I am broken. And it is all a bricks fault! I broke my pinky toe tonight, stubbed it on a brick and now I have it all taped up to my second toe. Damn it hurts.

Casey hexed me...


She is much better today, and is actually walking around and going up the stairs slowly. Every once and a while she cries out, so we are keeping her on her pain meds till that goes away. Poor thing is a trooper! Hopefully she will be completely mended soon.


lisa 9:00 PM  

oh no! That sounds painful! I hope you are okay. Take it easy foot-wise.

Screaming Iguana 10:16 PM  

You were warned...

My Gypsy mother told you that she would pass on the curse of the clutzy bo**es unless you started managing your dollars....


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