Saturday, April 12, 2008

Birthday dinner thank you

Oh my tummy is saying a big thank you to Casey.

Oh my mouth is thanking him too for the fabulous fare he gave us.

Oh my heart is happy and full and loved.

Thank you Mister Man for a fabulous birthday dinner, it was perfect, the feel was so very me, and the vegetarian platter was worth it.


Casey took us and my parents to a Very Nicole restaurant for dinner today. In fact it is being featured on the food networks Diners, Drive-thrus and Dives this month and it was perfectly hippie, organic, tasty, and spicy. Lovely food was had all around from the Melt Down sandwich to the grass fed beef burger to the spring mix grilled apple salad. So yummy. Such happy food. Especially with a pear cider and a restaurant dog to pick up some tasty scraps.

Oh happy times.

Life is Good.


Screaming Iguana 7:12 AM

lisa 2:31 PM  

VERY good pick there!

The Birthday week has begun!

Anonymous 9:06 PM  

sounds great!!

good job, casey! ;o)

gina 9:07 PM  

P.S. - that was me (above), i forgot to put my name, haha

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