Tuesday, April 08, 2008

3 down 2 Wild ones to go!

I have to get all the dogs updated on their vaccines this month, which, due to a time crunch, means taking multiple dogs into the vet at once. Today I piled Betty, Archie, and Penny in the car and we went early to the vet to be the first group in line for their shot clinic.

Everyone stayed true to their personalities. Archie was out going and happy with EVERYONE. Betty was oblivious you were there until she saw your hands and then she was determined to get you to pet her. Penny was suspicious and grumpy. Penny, sweet Penny, hates the vets, and pretty much hates leaving the yard and her routine. Poor thing was worried about the shopping carts and stockers at PetSmart. She was anxious about the cat in the crate next to us. She was irritated with Archie's leash that kept getting tangled in her legs. And then she had to make nice with a lady who wanted to see her teeth, ears, eyes, and take her temperature in a very uncomfortable place.

So I muzzled her, and felt so bad when I saw her HUGE eyes and worried face. But she did stop her nervous growling and eventually ate the offered treats. Poor thing will not want to get in the car ever again. Now all three pups are passed out due to the excitement and booster vaccines they got. Which leaves Bella and Jenna to be two crazy wild dogs left to their own devices. Which means trouble, unless I fill up the puppy pool.

Next week, Bella and Jenna get to visit the vet, which should be interesting!


Screaming Iguana 5:31 PM  

I am interested...

Because I am an enquiring mind


lisa 10:14 PM  

hmm.....makes cats seem super easy!

imagines 3 dogs in the car waiting to see the vet! OMG

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