Thursday, March 06, 2008

Portfolio of Twain

Name: Twain
Age: 12 years old
Adopted from the Human Society, ignored by others due to heartworms, best treasure we ever found.
Favorite thing: Snacks
Person he "belongs" to: Casey, totally a Daddy's boy.
Job status: Alpha Dog who watches from the deck.
Nicknames: Twainers, Lover Boy, Old Man, Nubbins.
This boy, our boy, is such a love. He is a happy dog, rescued, brought back to health, and then give rein over a pack of girls, one kiddo, and a man who loves him to bits.
His eyes, so much said in those eyes. Always willing, always happy, always excited to see us.
He is like a benevolent king looking out over the yard, keeping an eye on the girls, ready to spring forward as soon as something interesting comes up.
This boy is our "grey ghost" and I am worried about him. He has lost weight this winter, the spots of concern on him have gotten bigger, and I fear that his age has caught up with him. I am hoping beyond hope that he proves me wrong, that this spring isn't his last. I am hoping beyond hope that his nub waggles for years more. Because Twain is more then just a dog, more then just the Alpha, Twain is Our Lover Boy.


Anonymous 8:38 AM  

aw Twain. Great tribute. He's such a good dog.


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