Friday, March 07, 2008

My Favorite LeftOver

I roast a whole chicken about every other week, nothing beats it for dinner. But once you remove the breasts and drumsticks (dinner fixings here), what is there to do with all the leftover meat? Chicken Salad! Trust me that there is no kind of Chicken Salad like fresh roasted chicken salad. Forget the canned crap forever!

Yummy goodness.

My favorite part is biting into a grape. Sweet bursts!

Chicken Salad Recipe

Pick all the meat you can from the chicken carcass, or use two to three fresh baked chicken breasts. I have even used the Astronaut Chickens you can get from the grocery.
Add a handful of Red grapes and Almonds Slivers.
Chop two stalks of celery.
Enough Mayo to bind together, but not too much!
And a liberal grind of pepper and salt.
Enjoy on bread, salad greens, or by itself!

So great!


Anonymous 4:44 PM  

This sounds perfect. The grapes must be mind-blowing!


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