Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Portfolio of Penny

Name: Penny
Nickname: PenPen, Momma's, Penner Wenners
Adopted the same time as Twain, she was actually the "other" puppy. The one we really wanted had been adopted literally two minutes before we got there. But Penny was the best pick ever.
Age: 4 years, give or take
Favorite thing: Snacks and birds
Job Status: Alpha female, which is something we uphold by feeding her after Twain.
Job Duty: Penny is our working dog, she is always on alert, always patrolling the yard, and is a bit of a loner. Most afternoons you can find her wrestling with the other girls or up in Alex's fort watching the green belt behind our house.

Meet Penny, who will only sit still for a nibble of a peanut butter sandwich. Lick them chops!

Penny is our worker, always protecting and keeping an eye out. She has to date defended us from a coral snake, a series of other dogs, pigeons, grackles, neighbors, Cable guys, and random trucks that drive by.
This blurry shot is the usual shot of Penny, you must be quick to catch her still.

Unless you are Casey, who can get her to smile.
And catch right before she launches up to hug you.
And gives Yoda ears.

We love our PenPen, she is the bestest hardest working girl ever. And she is awesome at training the other dogs. To date she has trained Bella and Jenna to the "rules" of the pack. those rules include no door charging, fence walking, bird chasing, fort spying, and the art of begging. Our pack wouldn't be complete with out her.


Anonymous 12:52 AM  

The smiling Pen Pen is the best!


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