Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I wish it was a REAL mud bath...

Texas gets weirder every year. Today it rained Mud. Literally.
At first we thought it was because we had parked under a tree...
But then we noticed all the cars around us also looked like they had had a bucket of mud thrown on them...
And it wasn't pretty, it was dirty and smeary, and a very unfortunate shade of brown...
and then I learned while watching the news that you should hose it off your car asap because it not only doesn't look good, but also scratches your paint. So I just spent ten minutes outside hosing off the cars while it was raining. Seriously Texas confounds me sometimes. But I still love it here. :)


gina 8:46 PM  

that is WEIRD!

lisa 4:34 PM  

eeeew! I didnt know that was possible! winds?? How?

Dude....the mud baths at Glen ivy...sea grotto goodness

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