Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Happy Puppy Recipe

Situation: Puppy who plays in her water bucket, mucking it up for all the other dogs.
Solution: A Puppy Pool

  • 1 Puppy
  • 1 Plastic pool
  • Water
  • Kiddo to entice before mentioned puppy
  • Stick
  • Patience
  • Camera
The Pool, which was the small size and uber cheap at the grocery.

The Puppy, who we don't think has ever been a small size.

The water handler.

At this point she just thinks it is a big water bowl.

The magic stick should do the trick to get the puppy in the pool!

Think she'll buy it?

She did!!!

Now we have a puppy who plays in and mucks up TWO big water sources in our backyard.


Screaming Iguana 11:28 PM  

cute dog...where did she come from?

gina 1:29 PM  

we need to get one for Mia this summer - she'd LOVE it!!

lisa 4:35 PM  

aw what a sweet puppy!

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