Tuesday, March 25, 2008

For the love of Cotton

I have recently found myself making cotton dish clothes. Why(?) might you ask, well for a couple reasons. One, Sponges are nasty buggers, literally full of germs and bacteria. Two, they are so much more reusable them sponges, all I have to do is pop it in the wash with the other daily towels and put out a new one each night. Each one has a lifespan of about a year before they start to fall apart. Three, they are a cheap easy portable knit. Plus the cotton colors are hard to resist. And none of my other knitting works out to be 33 cents for each finished piece. Four, the patterns are infinite and usually always free, gotta love free.
Eventually I know they will be just as numerous as our cotton kitchen towels, which have turned out to be a much better investment then paper towels will ever be. They get used for years, and then can be used for many more years as cleaning rags and then finally they can become bird nesting. So much better then filling a landfill with precious paper. Now I must admit that we are not a strictly non-paper towel household, because honestly bacon cooking goes much easier with a paper towel on top. :) But we do our part.
What do you do?


Karelle 5:32 PM  

I love those! I just use rags from Target, but I've been eyeing some on Hyena Cart. You should totally make those to sell. I'd buy them. In fact, if I send you some paypal, will you make me some?

We are an almost no-paper house. We still use TP b/c Morgan won't switch to family cloth. He is so neurotic! LOL

I'm so proud of you, you little hippy!

Missin' ya...

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