Saturday, February 02, 2008


Casey got home this morning from his business trip that ended yesterday. He has been up for 27 hours straight, and did I mention that he is sick too? Oh and did I mention that a white board fell on his foot and broke his toe this week too? And did I mention that the tetnus shot they gave him has swelled at the injection site? Poor thing.

So we picked him up this morning, and my dad too since his flight home was cancelled. I brought him home, dished up two homemade egg muffins with pepper bacon, had the bathroom ready and welcoming to clean up, and then tucked him into our fluffy flannel bed for a day of sleep. Sweet sweet man.


Lisa 12:39 PM  

he must have been so grateful! Poor Casey. Sounds like you did a perfect job...reminds me of when my mommy took care of me the first hour after my gum surgery!

Anonymous 1:17 PM  

Poor Casey! I hope he feels better soon! I know a big fluffy flannel heaven would do me wonders!


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