Friday, February 01, 2008

Coupon Gods, shined down on me.

Omigod, I love me some coupons. I went to the store today to pick up some medicine for Casey and various kitchen goods, especially since I have a birthday cake to make. Thirty minutes and 15 coupons later, I had saved $17.45! Woo Hoo!

Everything purchased with a coupon was on the list, or part of a buy this get this free gig. My absolute favorite deal was Buy String Cheese and Buffalo wings, cheese in the cart all ready... get FREE 1 liter soda, a package of cocktail weinnies (yum), bag of tortilla chips, a quart of salsa, paper plates and BBQ sauce. Everything that we would eat/use anyways. Love that.

I was even able to double up some coupons. For example I was buying some Oust ( a must have in thise house) and my grocery offered a coupon for free spot remover if you bought Oust, so hello Shout! *GLEE!*

I love me some coupons.

Now I must stick that $17.45 in savings. Right??? *grin*


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