Thursday, January 31, 2008

Fire Storm

I went to the mecca of all fabric shops today with my mom for their HUGE birthday sale. There was literally 300+ people standing outside the building before the opening. One poor old lady fell off the curb and had to be taken to the hospital. Poor thing. The owners were nice enough to bring her out the covetted coupon book, that only the first 300 would get, and send her on her way with a quilt to ward off the shakes, and a driver younger then 50 to get her to the hospital quickly and safely. Poor thing. Let me tell you, those quilters are crazy ass buyers! Damn this store had to have done at least 50k of business in the first 2 hours. SO CRAZY! I stood and drooled over the entire line of Amy Butler stuff and about split my face in half smiling when I discovered a AB quilt kit in my mom's basket. Turns out the kit was the main reason she was going up there since she is making it for my birthday. Hooray AB quilt! I am so excited about it.

On the way home we discovered a fire so big that they shut down part of the highway for 10 miles, which meant we either had to slog through traffic on the frontage roads or take twisty backrooads. We opted for the traffic since there are 25 mph wind gusts right now. And we didn't want to end up blown over in a ditch somewhere.

The smell of smoke was everywhere and I kept thinking back to the SD fires of 2003. I made an off comment that my house better not have burned down and what do you know? THERE was a BIG fire less then a block from our home. HOLY COW!!!!!

Luckily we have a super sweet neighbor who sprayed down the dry brush behnd our fenceline for an hour before I got home, and now I have sprinklers going just to get some of the super dry brush wet. It is going to be a dry windy night dropping down to the 20's with a freeze.

Freaking wind, powerlines, and dry brush.


Lisa 8:05 PM  

SCARY times in the SanAn today! Glad you survived both the sale and the firestorm!

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