Sunday, February 03, 2008

Eight years old

Eights years ago today, Alex came into the world.
Eight years ago today at 4:29 pm he entered the world peeing and screaming.
Eight years ago today, Casey got a wee bloody foot print on his shirt while counting all ten fingers and all ten toes.
Eight years ago today all my wishes for a healthy baby came true dispite the tough road he took coming into it.
Eight years ago today my girlie bits were forever changed.
Eight years ago today I became a Mother to the smartest funniest little Boyles there were was.
Eight years ago today someone else became first.
Eight years ago today, we were blessed to be given the wonderful job of being his parents.

We love you Alex!

Happy Birthday!!!


Anonymous 6:49 PM  


From Karelle, Morgan, Gryffin, Tristan, & Dylan

Lisa 8:58 PM  

Awwwwwww, Nicole. This is WONderful.

I always love hearing the stories about Alex's birth. I was there in spirit, wondering how things were going....

did he get my card in time?

Negin 4:51 PM  

Happy Birthday Alex!! Hope you have the bestest birthday ever lil buddy!!


PS...that cake looks delish. Those sprinkles are my FAVORITE. I dont like sprinkles either...just those tiny lil ones! mmmm! Can I have some cake too??

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