Tuesday, November 06, 2007

A moment I will never forget... TMI Ahead

Sunday we were out with friends before we needed to head to a Scout event. Because the kiddos were hungry we went to our favorite Chinese place. I ended up on my side of the booth with two kids, Alex being farthest away from me.

Sharon has a rule that if your mom has something on her plate that you haven't had before, then you must try it. Up until that meal this has worked out well because Alex wants to do what Austin does, and all most every food he tries he likes. Well Sunday the food was broccoli with cheese sauce, which was perfectly fine for everyone else at the table to eat. Until...

Alex, well I think he decided from first glance that he didn't want to eat it. But he muscled the piece into his mouth and started chewing and then started gagging. I have a very distinct image of me pointing at him and saying, "Oh NO! Don't you dare do that!", which I immediately followed up with, "Did you just throw up in your mouth???" Head nodding followed along with the actual barfing into the plate. Which I was frantically covering up with paper napkins so to not cause a barf reflex fest at our table. What followed was me taking BarfMan outside for a conversation and a very stern set of instructions for him to wash up in the bathroom, and me being very tense.

My seven year old son barfed up cheesy broccoli into his plate of Chinese food because he didn't want it. Crap...

I need a massage. And glass of wine. And maybe a plane ticket to Vegas.


MartyGentry 9:19 AM  

u and me both.

ive even had someone else's kid do that shit to me!

julian did it friday at school breakfast when his dad forced him to eat a piece of french toast.

good times.

lisa 9:09 PM  

I cannot blame him.

*giggle* I totally felt like gagging when I had to eat broccoli and cheese (what kind of a chinese food place is that?)

Anonymous 9:02 PM  

Dylan just did that to me tonight. Same food and everything. What's wrong with these kids? Don't they know broccoli is completely nasty until you drench it in cheese?


gina 4:57 PM  

how can you not like broccoli with cheese sauce?! hahaha, how embarassing!
Let's go to Vegas! I'm with you!

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