Thursday, November 01, 2007

The Annual Crack out Holiday ReCap

Halloween here abouts is a huge affair, at least for this family. This year our best friends came over to trick or Treat and have dinner before hand. So we stuffed the kiddos with Maple Chicken, Mashed Potatoes, and Green Beans before we headed out the door for the annual begging of crack pilgrimage. We left PinHead the Priest at the house to scare the Jesus out of little kids and this Witch and her Gypsy friend walked the block with a boy who's sword was heavy and a boy who's mask was slipping.

But it was fun and the candy haul was worth it. We ended up piling into the car and went up and did some haunted houses people set up in their yard, which ended up with one boy crying on the way home, "I don't like Clowns anymore!!" and my boy saying Dude it's like the circus! Exactly!

All in all it was a fun night that Casey and I ended with Couch time to watch the Ghost Hunter Live at Waverly Hospital. If I ever set foot in Tennessee I will most definitely be going there for a scary tour.

I was up with the predawn sky, Casey was out walking and I had some mad dishes to get too. And then the Horror of Horrors, I had to get Bugman ready for picture retakes. Who the hell schedules Picture Retakes the day after Halloween? But I ensured the quality of the retake by being that hovering mother behind the camera. Yay for Moms!
Now I am setting to rights my office which has become a mess ground for papers and Crazy amounts of yarn. Oh luscious yarn...


lis 12:44 AM  

Oh man, I wanted to see that Halloween Ghost Hunters. I have ensured that it is safely recorded and ready to watch another night though! Cute halloween update.

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