Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Happy Poop-O-Ween

Casey is dressing up for Halloween as Pinhead in a Prests Habit, and well it offically freaked four out of five dogs out. Penny ended up growling like a werewolf and hiding under the deck. Bella hide her head behind my legs the entire time. Twain tried to bite until it realized it was Casey and then he was all over him. And poor Archie, he barked growled, ran inside, pooped all the way up the stairs and then HOWLED like a banshee when Casey came in the room. Poor little thing is still shaking 30 minutes later. Betty was to intent on making her yard walk about to notice the monster on the deck.

Casey had this to say, "It's going to be one Fucking Great Halloween!"


lisa 8:03 PM  

Hey-- that's a good sign! If a psycho, evil, deranged or zombie killer come into the house, the dogs will totally alert you.

gina 11:58 PM  

haha, have fun you guys!!

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