Friday, October 26, 2007

He makes me Dream of Queen and Dave

For me the Autumn is more then the turning of the leaves, it is the season that my love affair with Casey is wrapped up in. From high school football games and chilly Autumn nights, to sweet first kisses under an afghan, to starry nights driving down De Luz Canyon and sitting on top of the mountain, to a Vineyard and willow tree where I met Casey at the end of a petal path. Autumn, October, is the background in my mind for us.

Our anniversary is tomorrow, and when I let my mind wander to that day I can see the color of the light, golden and clear better then honey. I can smell the flowers and grass and the soft scent of wine, I can hear my laughter and crying under the sound of his vows, I can see his hands as he put my band on my finger, I can feel his thumbs as they wiped away my happy tears.

When I let my mind wander back further I can hear many nights of Queen, I can remember the first time I heard Dave Matthews with Ants marching out of a tape in his bedroom. I can see dinners by firelight, I can flash through thousands of memories.

Right now I can see him asleep, warm within a down comforter, his hand snuggling the back of our pup. I can hear his murmurs to Alex in the early morning light, I can hear the steady even breathing of him. Steady and Even, Casey.


Anonymous 12:38 AM  

Happy Anniversary guys!


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