Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Waxing a Walrus

Yup, I am not ashamed to say it, I have to wax my lip. I totally blame my Mom and her genes. Hi Mom! Today I was able to squeeze an appointment in between Alex's camp pickup and his swim lessons, and I got both my eyebrows and lip done. On the way to the day spa, Alex just had to clarify that I was buying a Spa, "as in, like a Jaaaa Cooooo Zeeeee?".

Me: Nope buddy I am ripping all the hair off my lip and any stray hairs on my brow.
Alex: Doesn't that hurt?
Me: Yup, but I will happily endure 5 minutes of wax pain to have a hair free lip for girls night out on Saturday.
Alex: Soooooo girls aren't supposed to have hair on their lip?
Me: Not really, it isn't that attractive.
Alex: * in a small to self whisper* I had no idea...

Obviously I really needed to wax the walrus.


lis 7:44 PM  

LOL well I did see that one woman in Texas who had close to a full moustache and beard; it COULD be confusing to a young boy! ;-)

gina 8:57 PM  

haha, he is too cute

Anonymous 8:04 PM  

dont forget about the musky buffalo...


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