Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Mail Day

Yesterday's mail day was a great one because I had more fun mail then bills. Between the five cards, two magizines, and a coupon booklet my bills didn't seem so bad. All this snail mail love and it isn't even a birthday or holiday, Hooray!

Yesterday's hours away from home were long and drawn out, 12 hours start to finish. Between morning camp drop off, teaching a class, rushing to pick up from camp, dinner with my mom, and swim lessons I had just enough time to work up a head ache and get really tired. But did that stop me from watching the new Big Love, nope. So his mornings wake up walking call came really early. But I did it, and am now staying as far away from my bed as possible to avoid falling asleep. Tonight is an early turn in, it has to be. Because I feel a cold coming on, oh no and I am having a girls night out Saturday. Blah.


lis 11:22 AM  

Sweet! All your cards and coupons cock-blocked the bills! NIIIIICE =)

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