Monday, May 14, 2007

Summer is Coming round the Mountain

Signs of Summer

  • Mosquito bites all over my legs and feet
  • Pool temperatures hovering around 89 degree
  • AC turning on by 6:00 am
  • The constant skin stickiness, time for another shower
  • My blessed flannel finally feels way to hot.
  • Lettuce and fruits fill the bottom part of our fridge
  • Sunshade up in the car.
  • New bottles of sunscreen, including a lovely misting gel.
  • I actually wore a pair of Casey's boxers as temporary shorts yesterday, it was just too hot for jeans of any kind.
  • Muffins got shaved today, and Archie looks like a totally different dog, a SUPER tiny one with a SUPER big head.
  • Weather maps in orange and read, no more blues and greens.
  • Summer Camp sign up is complete!
  • Two weeks and two days till school is out.
  • I have the urge to make chopped salad and peach tea.


Anonymous 4:36 PM  

Weather people here in LA call the SMOG ... Haze...... Like it's fog...

That is sooo Lame...

Negin 6:16 PM  

hey mr. anonymous--it is haze. HAHAHAHAHA. and you love it.
Nikki--I CANT wait till u come here and see the haze for yourself. :) hehehe

lisa 9:50 PM  

Yeah, don't be hatin on the haze-- you know it just means the world's best tacos, disneyland, and only 60% humidity ;-)

*tags Negin*

gina 11:30 PM  

ahhh, summer.....


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