Friday, May 11, 2007

Mother's All around

It is pretty amazing to think that all of us at some point were inside a womb, our Mother's womb. Inside her body, hearing her heart, setting our clocks by it, comforted by the gurgles and swooshes she made. Taking it one step further we can even say that we were all at some point inside our Father's bodies, well at least half of us was.

If you're anything like Alex then you think that the half from the waist down came from Daddy, which makes sense ( in his mind) since it is the same equipment. But that means that his brain came from me and on some days I don't know if that is a good point in my favor. *grin*


gina 8:02 PM  

Happy Mother's Day!! xoxo

lisa 11:34 PM  

You're such a Mom. =) And I don't mean that in a teasing way. You're such a mother, inside and out. I love you.

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