Friday, May 18, 2007

Look Mom no pictures!

So have you noticed the lack of pictures lately? Casey has started taking his camera (which I had unofficially adopted from him) on his business trips, and me, well I keep forgetting to plug in the charger for my other camera. I really need to go plug it in because I am supposed to be taking baby pictures for my neighbor when she goes into labor and she is ready to POP!

There have been so many things that I could have been taking snippets of:
Alex's crossover from Tiger Cub to Wolf Cub
The Muffins with their new shaved do's.
The mega fireant mound in the backyard.
The mega laundry pile in our bedroom.
The clean (yes that says clean) living room! Without all the stuff it looks plain.
Random shots of my feet, new shoes, Alex's tony hawk shirt, our pillows, our new nighttime routine of Ipod Coldplay time, and the lovely rose Alex gave me on Mother's day.

So yeah, I guess I will go plug in that camera.

PS: This is my 200th post!! Woo HOO!!


gina 10:42 AM  

I miss your pics!!

lisa 12:48 PM  

I miss them too.

So, summer is only 4 weeks away! I keep hounding you via email about coming out HERE to take pics with me, my family, and the girls!

miss you!

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