Sunday, May 20, 2007


I am grumpy, have been for days. Everything big and small makes the furrow between my brows deeper. I have only slightly blown up once, otherwise I just seem to be digesting it all. Eating it like a dark cupcake of grump, taking it in, like I am hungry for it. I really just want it to go away. But it sits inside like a squishy dark blob that is heavy and there. Damn grump.

I have been grumpy about laundry, not dirty laundry but the clean laundry that my son is incapable of putting away nicely and in a timely manner. I have been grumpy because Bella won't stop licking me, I was so grumpy with her over it I made her submit for five minutes. But then I had to play and rub her down for 10 because she doesn't deserve my grump. I have been grumpy because my downstairs is clean (due to a stream of guests), but my upstairs, its a nightmare, a pile high, messy-o-matic nightmare that is my one household to-do tomorrow. I have been grumpy because I am working, not the bringing in cash part of it, but the damn I have to teach stupid classes part of it. I have been grumpy because I miss my husband, my man, my traveling man. I have been grumpy at me, for various reasons and things. Damn grumpy me.


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