Friday, May 25, 2007

Look I did plug it in!

Wish I could have google's satellites track every step I take during a day. I really would like an aerial shot of the inside of my house with my path drawn out for every step. I know that there are rooms I haven't gone in for weeks, literally.

My craft space has been totally neglected and ignored because I moved my laptop to the kitchen table for the last couple weeks. I also have been in a bit of a scrapbooking rut, more like a scrapbooking canyon. Nothing has inspired me, no paper or embellishment has tempted, and my photos have been nonexistent. That I believe is the problem, lack of photos, the images I like to document and caress with my eyes in the future.

I have been creating though, I have been consumed with Crochet. I abandoned my needles for a hook and it is my new best friend. These books have been my distractions, happy Hooker with it basics, and 200 Ripples ( a lovely gifty from my mom). That and my yarn stash, nothing bets shopping from my baskets bins and closets.

I also have a new sleepytime routine. I discovered a new author with a line of books that combines Vampires, Magic, and Sex in the best way ever. Each books is fast paced, addicting, and oh so yummy. Add in my iPod and I have the best bedtime routine ever.
Some nights Alex joins me, and I lend him an earbud and pretend to read while I stare at his sleep soft face, with his heavy eyelashes, smatters of freckles, and I can see ColdPlay pictures dancing in his eyes. Moments like that are when I wish I had a camera in my head, and when I blink that image can be stored and later printed. I would love nothing more then the chance to capture Alex in those sleep soft moments when he is just my boy, and I feel our connection tugging at my heart.


lisa 2:38 PM  


in your craft picture, my eye kept going to the picture of Alex you keep in the background. I think he is all wet with bathing but I forget the details of the picture now. I kept looking at it and thinking about how you keep that picture of him there, and what you must think about, and what it must be like to be a mommy. i miss little alex!

i hope the lego stuff is coming now.

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