Saturday, April 14, 2007

30 deserves 30

Let the 30 random Nicole facts flow freely...

  1. I have a rock in my knee, seriously you can see it!
  2. I hate the feel of a wet butt on a toilet seat, think potty breaks at the pool.
  3. I dip my burgers in ketchup, just wee dips but its better then too much ketchup!
  4. During labor with Alex I imagined myself in the happiest place I could, a field full of yellow daisies with a Shar pei puppy jumping through the flowers with all its wrinkles jiggling.
  5. No Doubt played at my grad Night at Disneyland in 1995, right in front of It's a Small World. Casey and I rocked out to a Gwen so close we could touch her (and we did!) and then did Sumo Wrestling in blow up suits.
  6. One time, at fifth grade camp, my dorm won the most points and we got to go mining for gold. Fools gold that is.
  7. I really like to bake bread.
  8. I also really like to read books in the shower (as previously mentioned).
  9. In 6th grade a friend stole my diary and read it at school during lunch to EVERYBODY.
  10. I daydream of paint and window fixtures.
  11. I have three tattoos.
  12. Casey proposed to me right before we went to go see the Nutcracker, in front of the ice skating rink at Horton Plaza. I knew it was coming, but seriously was shocked when he asked me. I just remember saying Yup, and then squealing when he brought out the ring. And oh what a ring it is!
  13. Some of my favorite pictures are Polaroids from Beni Hana's and bars.
  14. I am a two time Mary Kay drop out.
  15. When I cant sleep at night I like to watch my hand as I make weird shapes and gestures with it against the light from the blinds.
  16. I hate cakes and muffins and cookies with any type of fruit, so gross.
  17. I think Casey knows every single story and experience from my past. Hell he has been part of it for half of it.
  18. I like white pottery pieces.
  19. I have a thing for movie soundtracks. Some of my favorites are Empire Records, Romeo + Juliet, and Stealing Beauty.
  20. When using a public bathroom I always throw away the first two roll rotations so I don't have to use any tp that someone else has touched, so gross. This is one of my newest oddities.
  21. I really enjoy the paintings of Tim Cantor, especially his Beauty's Privilege piece. He has (had) a gallery in the gas lamp in San Diego, I would go in there and drool over his work. I really want to get some of his prints. Lust Lust Lust. So amazing.
  22. I use to race RC cars, and even have some first place trophies. I am that good.
  23. I have a slight fiber obsession, I love yarns and roving. I especially love to bury my fingers in the middle of a ball and just feel.
  24. I bit my nails for all of my life until I had Alex. I was just way to grossed out about what could and would be under my nails.
  25. My dad, Alex and I all have a freckle/mole on the same spot on our right hands. Love that.
  26. I really like to clean out my ears with Qtips, you know what I mean, that borderline orgasmic feeling. You know you you want to agree!
  27. I love to read recipe books and housekeeping manuals, my current favorite is Home Comforts, a $30 book that I scored at the half price store for $6.
  28. My absolute must have daily beauty item is lip balm.
  29. I am a light drunk AKA cheap date. One beer can set me silly and two makes for a really good time. BUT, lucky for Casey, I NEVER throw up, ever never ever.
  30. My Favorite flower is a Hydrangea. My mom asked me last week if I had to "come back" as a flower which one would I be. My first answer was "Not a Lilly because I don't want to end up on a casket somewhere''. Nice huh??

Well my birthday started bright and early, we had Scout stuff planned for this morning and I had to get Alex from my parents house. So I ended up with an amazing drive with an amazing view of a storm cloud scattered sky. I spent my time positive, happy, in prayer, and setting mental goals.


lisa 2:10 PM  

Happy birthday, girl, I love you-- the deep inside you! =) have fun today.

gina 3:48 PM  

Happy Birthday!! xoxo

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