Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Distractions in Housework

The morning sky on my birthday, through the dirty car window.
Yesterdays sadness is just frightful to dwell on, so I have been distracting myself with laundry, cleaning, mad vacuuming, and assembling the Vanity that my parents gave me for my birthday. I am in absolute love with my vanity table, it fits in the perfect spot, looks great within our bedroom and finally I have some place to sit and do my makeup instead of standing at my dresser. Love love love it.

Now its back to bread baking, dinner making, and window washing. All on a sad rainy day.


lisa 9:08 PM  

nice post, made me feel content inside.

yesterday, and today still, was hard. i also examined the portfolio of the photographer who won the pulitzer prize. I had to say, it BEYOND merits such a high award. I think as a mom you could validate that. But I know that as a mom, you will NOT want to view it. This, and the tragedy were just too much yesterday.

i love the pic. dont you call that something in texas? and i love imagining my nikkibella doing her makeup (or taking it off with the MK eye makeup remover!)

gina 11:41 PM  

what an amazing sky.

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